Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Social Networking: Ten Keys to a Positive Digital Footprint

Here is my plan for developing a positive digital footprint and managing your online reputation.


  1. Kat, what a great plan for a positive digital footprint! One of your points that I really like and that I have to remember as well is to post regularly. As you stated that way you can establish yourself and be seen as one who makes yourself one who contributes often. Another that I feel is one that I have always seen as important and point that I see as the most relevant in our profession is "Monitor." It's so important to watch the things you post as well as the feedback given from others and how it will portray you! Overall, well done. Keep with it!

  2. Hi Kathleen - You've created a nice, well rounded plan. One item that stood out to me was the value you put on trust in developing relationships and ultimately reputation. I am attracted to the idea that trust is formed not only from interactions, but also from the information we share.


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